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JKM is a marketing services company that combines wide-ranging market expertise with precisely targeted editorial content. JHK helps clients define their market, target their audience, and communicate their message effectively.

JKM offers a variety of marketing services including consulting, writing for print and online mediums, and presentations.

JKM's impressive client base includes publishing firms and other members of the information industry that appreciate our...

Broad market knowledge
JKM applies its services and expertise to a wide variety of markets, from broad audiences such as general book buyers to niche markets such as religion and higher education.

Personalized approach
JKM addresses each new project individually and within its own context so that the services provided are tailored to the project's unique requirements.

Responsible project management
JKM provides comprehensive, competent service to every client. This means delivering what the client has asked for, on time and on budget.

JKM invites you to browse this Website for a closer look at our services and clients.

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