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Persuasion, by Jane Austen
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The social conventions of Regency England made Anne Elliot reject true happiness. Can she reclaim it when a second chance presents itself? Some years ago, Anne was persuaded by a friend that her true love, a young naval officer named Frederick Wentworth, had no prospects and would not be able to provide her with a secure life. Anne broke off their engagement, and the lovers parted unhappily. Now events have thrown them together again, but it is not at all certain that they can surmount new impediments--including rival love interests and a scheming widow--and finally find happiness together. This subtle and poignant novel is Jane Austen's last, and possible most memorable, work.

Original Entry

This charming novel about a virtuous young woman's search for love amidst the fickle world of country gentry in Regency England is Jane Austen's last--and possibly most memorable--work. Anne Elliot is the middle daughter of the foolish widower, Sir Walter Elliot. Several years before, she had been persuaded by her trusted friend, Lady Russell, to break off her engagement to a young naval officer, Frederick Wentworth. This breach made her deeply unhappy, and him indignant. When events again throw them together, Capt. Wentworth's successful career has made him rich and Anne is unmarried and secretly still in love with him. The story is largely concerned with the gradual revival of Wentworth's passion for Anne, and the overcoming of several impediments to their reconciliation--including a pair of lovely sisters--rivals for Wentworth's affections, a scheming widow, and a supremely eligible suitor for Anne. In this novel, Miss Austen's ridicule and satire take milder forms, the tone is graver and more tender, and the interest lies in a more subtle interplay of characters.

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