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Catholic Book Publishers Association
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Trade Media

  • Radio & TV Interview Report

  • Bradley Communications, Lansdale, PA
    phone: 610-259-1070

    A newsletter that is distributed to 4,000 radio and TV producers in the United States. Publishers can place ads in the newsletter. The ads should describe a new book and its author's availability for interviews. The ads cost about $300.00. A good way for a publisher with limited resources to reach a wide range of electronic media.

  • Bacon's Directory

  • phone: 800-621-0561 or 312-922-2400; Internet: www.baconsinfo.com

    This guide is the industry standard for media listings. It is published annually and includes 10,000 print, radio, and TV contacts. For a fee (.85/contact), Bacon's will run a selection (ex: "religion editors") for the publisher. This is a good way to narrow the broad scope of this directory without having to do lots of research in-house.

  • Religion News Service (RNS Bookstock)

  • phone: 202-463-8777 or 800-767-6781

    RNS Bookstock will run an announcement of a new title on their wire for one month for a fee of about $300.00. A good way to reach small, local newspapers that might not otherwise receive information on a new title.

  • Religion Newswriters Association

  • phone: 614-891-9001; Internet: www.rna.org

    RNA will provide publishers with their list of approximately 150 U.S. religion news writers for a fee (about $200.00).

    Religion Media

  • The Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches(Abingdon Press)

  • ISBN: 0-687-03092-7; $29.95
    This guide, published annually, is a useful resource for information on denominationally-affiliated periodicals, as well as many other church-related issues.

  • The Catholic Press Directory(The Catholic Press Association)

  • phone: 516-471-4730
    A comprehensive reference guide to Catholic publications in the U.S. and Canada. Order by sending check for $48.00 to The Catholic Press Association, 3555 Veterans Highway, Unit O, Ronkonkoma, NY, 11779

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