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National Design Museum
Smithsonian Institution

New York City
Summer 1997

JHK was hired to take copy from existing print materials and adapt this copy into a style suitable for the Web. We adapted the copy into two articles for Cooper Hewitt's online centennial exhibit, "100 Years of Collecting," and also created captions for objects included in the museum's online exhibit, "Design for Life."

Click below to view the text of the articles adapted for Cooper-Hewitt:

  • "The Hewitt Sisters: Museum Founders Who Shaped the Future of Design"
  • "The Carnegie Mansion: A Remarkable Home of Innovative Design"

    To view these articles as they appear the Cooper-Hewitt Website click on "100 Years of Collecting" at www.si.edu/ndm/dfl. To view the captions written for the "Design for Life" exhibit go to www.si.edu/ndm/dfl and visit the exhibit sections: "Daily Life," "Shaping Space," and "Communicating".

    ©Copyright 1999 Julie Hathaway Keisman