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Oxford University Press
New York City
Scholarly Reference Department

JHK has provided online and print promotional materials to Oxford University Press for several major reference works. These works include:

Oxford English Dictionary (OED)
American National Biography (ANB)
International Encyclopedia of Dance (IED)

©Copyright 1998
Oxford University Press

Oxford English Dictionary (OED)
3rd Edition and Online Edition
Winter 1998

JHK was retained to write online articles about the history of the Oxford English Dictionary and the forthcoming (2000) 3rd edition of the Dictionary for the OED Website.


  • "History of the Dictionary"
  • "The Revision Program"
  • "Dictionary Editors"
  • "Guide to the Dictionary"

    To view all four articles on the OED Website, go to www.oed.com and click on "Inside the OED."

  • American National Biography (ANB)
    Fall 1997

    JHK was retained to write and manage design and production of marketing materials for the American National Biography, a major new work of American biographical reference (published 1999).

    To view promotional copy written by JHK for the ANB Website, go to www.oup-usa.org/anb and click on "About the ANB."

    International Encyclopedia of Dance (IED)
    Spring 1998

    JHK was retained to write and manage design and production of brochures and direct mail campaigns that promoted the International Encyclopedia of Dance, a major new reference work on dance (published 1998).

    ©Copyright 1999 Julie Hathaway Keisman