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JKM's services include consultation on advertising, publicity, direct mail, conventions, and special events. We can apply our marketing expertise to a complete marketing strategy or to selected segments of a campaign, depending on the client's needs.

As well as providing consultation, JKM can implement any or all of the marketing strategies we suggest. JKM will coordinate direct mail promotions, research and schedule ad placements, manage publicity campaigns, and create promotional materials.

JKM's clients appreciate our expertise with niche markets. We can create a campaign that targets a specialized audience, or promote a specialized subject to a general audience. JKM has particular experience in the areas of religion and higher education. We use this expertise to inform our approach to other specialized audiences: we will identify the key people and organizations within the market and set up a precisely targeted campaign that makes them take notice.

JKM has recently provided consulting services to the Library of America, Oxford University Press, Schocken Books, and Saint Mary's Press.

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