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JKM offers a variety of writing services including promotional copywriting, feature articles, content editing, and adaptation of written material from one medium to another (such as changing the copy in a print brochure to a style more suitable for the Web).

As well as providing the content, JKM offers design, production, and distribution services for our promotional materials. We outsource to talented designers who get the job done fast; our long-term relationships with printers and mailing houses give us an edge in securing low-cost production and distribution.

JKM's clients especially appreciate our emphasis on audience-targeting. At the beginning of each new project we ask the client, "Who will be reading this material?" and "In what medium will they be reading it?". The answers determine the tone and style of the writing, and assure that the reader connects with the content.

JKM has recently provided writing services to Oxford University Press, The Smithsonian Institution, Publishers Weekly, Barnes and Noble, Audible, Inc., and the American Bible Society.

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